What makes teaching online different from traditional classroom lessons?

While online lessons may seem similar to classroom lessons, especially when using a webcam, there are a number of challenges you have to overcome. Besides the usual technical issues, for example if the connection drops or the sound stops working, it’s much harder to read body language and extra care has to be taken to ensure the student can understand what you are saying, and much more focus goes into hand gestures. For some people, an online classroom simply feels different to a brick-and-mortar classroom and it can be harder to adapt, and it requires an open mind to be able to fully benefit from online lessons.

However, despite its disadvantages, online lessons allow you to harness new resources and new teaching methods. For example, Zoom allows you to share a whiteboard with other participants, allowing everyone to share their ideas and knowledge. When combined with a USB drawing tablet, a Zoom whiteboard can be even better than a real one! Issues such as background noise can be solved with software that uses AI to clear away any distracting sounds, and a good pair of headphones can help you immerse yourself in the lesson completely.

You also don’t have to worry about traveling with online lessons, neither student nor teacher needs to worry about the cost or time taken to get from their home to their place of learning. In fact, neither the student nor the teacher even needs to worry about where they are located at all! Wherever you are, from Berlin to Baghdad, from Moscow to Mumbai, teachers and students can be located anywhere.

Online teaching provides an opportunity for almost anyone to learn English, no matter where you live and work, or whether you want to learn English for your career, to meet new people or just to watch British and American TV shows! The flexibility of online lessons makes reaching your English language goals easier than ever!

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