On the recent A-Level results controversy

Anyone who has been following UK news recently will have heard that significant controversy has emerged following the announcement of A Level students’ results. For context, A Levels are the qualifications obtained by students in their final year of schooling, and entry to universities almost always depend on these results. Since exams couldn’t be takenContinue reading “On the recent A-Level results controversy”

Staying motivated when working from home

It’s not easy working in a new environment. Even before teaching I was used to doing my university work in the library as I found that working at home left me more open to distractions. As a stereotypical student my room was naturally very messy, full of posters, and not in the quietest of areas,Continue reading “Staying motivated when working from home”

The joys of learning a foreign language

Learning a new language can always seem like a daunting task, but in my opinion it’s always worth it, especially if it’s a language not many people learn. Of course, many people don’t enjoy learning languages in school, they’re often in larger classrooms and not as much attention is afforded to individuals, and often aren’tContinue reading “The joys of learning a foreign language”

Words fail me – things I’ve said in Russian to describe something I didn’t know the word for

When I was first learning Russian I’d often be stumped as to what the name for certain things were, so like any good language student, I used the words I did know to describe them and hopefully get the point across, often with amusing results! Calling a wasp a “spicy fly”. Struggling to find detergentContinue reading “Words fail me – things I’ve said in Russian to describe something I didn’t know the word for”

What makes teaching online different from traditional classroom lessons?

While online lessons may seem similar to classroom lessons, especially when using a webcam, there are a number of challenges you have to overcome. Besides the usual technical issues, for example if the connection drops or the sound stops working, it’s much harder to read body language and extra care has to be taken toContinue reading “What makes teaching online different from traditional classroom lessons?”